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Heavy Duty Caster Wheel

Trolley wheel is a small sized wheel attached to the legs of furniture, shopping carts, trolleys used in industries, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, airports etc. An ideal trolley wheel has excellent weight bearing capacity and moves smoothly with minimal rolling resistance and noise.

We at Vijay plastic, manufacture supreme quality trolley wheels made up of highly qualitative raw-materials such as HMHD, PPCP, PU Coated, UHMW, Nylon, Fibre, Nylon Rubber and C.I etc with sizes ranging from 50 mm to 500 mm and weight bearing capacity from 50 to 7000 kg. Our extensive range of Trolley Wheel in India such as  Heavy Duty Trolley Wheel, Nylon Trolley Wheel, UHMW Trolley Wheel, HMHD Trolley Wheel, Fibre Trolley Wheel, Rubber Trolley Wheel and CI Trolley Wheel are widely demanded in the domestic market. This is because our products are robust and qualitatively made utilizing the latest technology as per the norms of the industry. We are the leading Trolley Wheel Supplier of India.

Salient Features

  • Easy to install
  • High Durability
  • Dimensionally precise
  • Excellent performance
  • Minimal maintenance needed
  • Smooth movement
  • Heavy load-bearing capacity
  • Exceptional strength
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Nonnoisy
  • Negligible rolling resistance


  • Packaging Industries
  • Paper industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Sugar mills
  • Railways
  • Materials handling application
  • Hospitals & clinics
  • Building construction application
  • Industrial hand cart or trolleys

People also ask

The use of trolleys in supermarkets, airports, and stations can be seen everywhere. Among the most important components of a trolley that facilitate proper maneuvering are the Trolley Wheels. When these wheels are locked or damaged, it can be quite frustrating to move the vehicle.
Wheels for casters are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and hardnesses. Rubber and polyurethane are two of the most commonly used materials for wheels.
Castor wheels are relatively small driven wheels that roll freely (as opposed to being powered). To enable easy movement across floors or other hard surfaces, they attach to the bottom of larger objects.
Commercial and warehouse equipment for transferring goods on two wheels consist of two-wheeled trolleys. An easy-to-assemble design consists of a metal frame, two wheels, and a stand on which items are placed.
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