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Heavy Duty Caster wheel is widely used in the industries for tough applications and heavy load carrying. We manufacture them from the best quality basic material with the help of the most modern machinery in accordance with the norms of the industry. Heavy Duty Caster Wheels are precisely made as per the design of the experts with high dimensional accuracy. They offer easy movement with almost no rolling resistance. They have the very high load-bearing capability and are very easy to install and maintain. Heavy Duty Caster Wheels are very safe on the floorings and have a good working life and are apt for usage as Industrial Caster Wheel.

Since we make them qualitatively, they offer high functionality with consistency as well as durability. They have excellent corrosion resistance, heat, abrasion as well as wear resistance. They require minimal maintenance and are very easy to install. We offer them at very affordable rates.

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Casters (or castors) are undriven wheels designed to be attached below a larger object (the “vehicle”) so that the larger object can be moved.
As a single axis wheel, it has certain limitations. It cannot move at the same time in two directions. Wheels are incorporated into the designs of casters, but they are more specialized. In addition to holding the wheels in place, casters come with mounting systems.
Standard wheel size is typically 2-2.5 inches, but the style of the castor stem (the part that attaches the wheel to the chair leg) will determine whether or not these wheels fit in other office chairs.
Rubber casters, for example, are the best choice if your application is primarily outdoor in terms of safety and use. Both the load and the employee are protected by rubber casters.

Heavy Duty Caster For Industrial

WHEEL OPTION Nylon, Rubber, Fibre & PU
CASTOR OPTION Swivel & Fixed
Heavy Duty Caster For Industrial
Our Heavy Duty Caster wheel is widely applied for industrial applications. This is because we make them robustly to fit in heavy and tough applications of the industry. We are the leading Caster Wheel Supplier of India and supply them to the cities of India such as Kolkata, Nagpur, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune. They offer smooth moves for fast handling in the industries as well. Our products are quality assured and wear minimally and last for a very long duration. Hence they are demanded by several industries such as packaging industries, Ceramic industries, Textile industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, chemical industries etc. They are cost-effective, have excellent qualities as well as are affordable.

Heavy Duty Caster For Hospital

WHEEL OPTION Nylon, Rubber, Fibre & PU
CASTOR OPTION Swivel & Fixed
FITTING OPTION Plate & Solid Pillar
Hospital Caster Wheel
Heavy Duty Caster wheel are ideal for hospital furniture. This is because these are robust and have the ability to tolerate high impact with no damage. Hospital furniture such as Examination/Treatment Couch, Stretcher, wheel chair, paediatric cots etc require caster wheels that are robust & sturdy, excellent tensile strength, wear & tear resistance. Our caster wheels meant for hospital furniture are not just very sturdy and capable of rough usage but also are apt for easy moving in the turnings as well as all directions. Yet they are non-noisy and call for zero maintenance. Due to these reasons our products are widely appreciated in the domestic market.


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