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Heavy Duty Caster Wheel

We manufacture high quality Caster Wheel which provides effortless and smooth movement of loads on trolleys, chair as well as suitcases. We are the leading Caster Wheel Supplier in India and offer them in diverse sizes and specifications. Our diverse range of this product incorporates Heavy Duty Caster Wheel, Medium Duty Caster Wheel, Light Duty Caster Wheel, Industrial Caster Wheel, Hospital Caster Wheel, Institutional Caster Wheel and Special Caster Wheel.

This type of product is very sturdily made from high quality materials as per the norms of the industry utilizing the latest technology. Their strength, impact resistance as well as tensile strength are tested and only after their quality is confirmed they are supplied to the market or clients.

Since our products are designed by the expert professionals and made precisely as per their guidance, they offer competitive features. They have excellent load bearing capacity. They offer smooth & noise free movement. Their smooth design prevents scratches on the floor, when they move. They have good abrasion resistance. They offer reliable and durable functionality and are effortless to install. We offer our products at market leading price rates.

Salient Features

  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Excellent load-bearing capacity
  • No floor scratching
  • Effortless installation
  • Reliable and durable functionality
  • Smooth & noise-free movement
  • Noise-free movement
  • Excellent tensile strength


  • Supermarket & a mall Trolley
  • Textile Mills
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Industrial handcart & trolley
  • Hospital Furniture
  • Hotel kitchen & laundry trolley
  • Kitchen trolley
  • Airport Trolley

Caster Wheel

People also ask

Casters (or castors) are undriven wheels designed to be attached below a larger object (the “vehicle”) so that the larger object can be moved.
Rubber casters, for example, are the best choice if your application is primarily outdoor in terms of safety and use. Both the load and the employee are protected by rubber casters.
Standard wheel size is typically 2-2.5 inches, but the style of the castor stem (the part that attaches the wheel to the chair leg) will determine whether or not these wheels fit in other office chairs.
As a single axis wheel, it has certain limitations. It cannot move at the same time in two directions. Wheels are incorporated into the designs of casters, but they are more specialized. In addition to holding the wheels in place, casters come with mounting systems.
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