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Caster Wheels Manufacturer

Vijay plastic is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and has about 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying a huge array of robust & reliable trolley wheels like Heavy Duty Trolley Wheel, Nylon Trolley Wheel, UHMW Trolley Wheel, HMHD Trolley Wheel, Fiber Trolley Wheel, CI Trolley Wheel and Rubber Trolley Wheel etc.

We are also one of the chief manufacturers and whole sale as well as retail suppliers of a wide range of durable and tough Caster Wheels such as Heavy Duty Caster Wheel, Medium Duty Caster Wheel, Light Duty Caster Wheel, Industrial Caster Wheel, Caster Wheel for Hospital, Institutional Caster Wheel and Special Range Caster Wheel etc.

Our tried and tested products are now trusted by numerous kinds of industries all over India because our products are not only functional but are designed to suit the versatile requirements of our clients. They are available in diverse specifications and are also custom made after thoroughly understanding the precise applications done by our clients. They have excellent load bearing capacity and are tough and resistant to harsh handling, abrasion, high impact etc. are thus are very appropriate all sort of applications. The chief intention of this web-site is to offer you comprehensive information about our wide-ranging products and their features. Kindly, contact us for making your significant business inquiries.

What Is Caster?

Caster is a device with wheels which is mounted to a larger object that permits relatively easy moving movement of the object. Our diverse range of this product incorporates Heavy Duty Caster Wheel, Medium Duty Caster Wheel, Light Duty Caster Wheel, Industrial Caster Wheel, Hospital Caster Wheel, Institutional Caster Wheel and Special Caster Wheel.

Caster wheels are used virtually everywhere in hospital furniture, hotel kitchen, laundry trolley, kitchen trolley, airport trolley, super market, mall trolley, textile mills, pharmaceutical industries, industrial handcart and trolley. Caster Wheel materials include cast iron, rubber, aluminum, stainless steel, forged steel, plastic and more.

Application Of Caster Wheels

Heavy Duty Caster For Industries

Our Heavy Duty Caster wheel is widely applied for industrial applications. This is because we make them robustly to fit in heavy and tough applications of the industry. Our products are quality assured and wear minimally and last for a very long duration. Hence they are demanded by several industries such as packaging industries, Ceramic industries, Textile industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, chemical industries etc. They are cost-effective, have excellent qualities as well as are affordable.

Light Duty Caster Wheels For Industries

Heavy Duty Caster wheel is widely used in the industries for tough applications and heavy load carrying. We manufacture them from the best quality basic material with the help of the most modern machineries in accordance to the norms of the industry. They are precisely made as per the design of the experts with high dimensional accuracy.

Institutional Caster Wheels

Our experts are well aware of the special requirements of caster wheel in India especially for hospitals and clinics and design them accordingly. We fabricate them exactly as per that design utilizing the best quality basic material procured from the reliable vendors of the market. They have excellent load carrying capacity and have excellent resistance to impact and abrasion. They are also resistant to chemical such as alcohol, mild acids etc. they are also very east to maintain and is very simple to install. Our Heavy Duty Caster for Hospital, Medium Duty Caster for Hospital and Light Duty Caster for Hospital are available in diverse specifications and material of construction. We offer them at very affordable rates.

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